Life Observations


The Mockery of Civility

By: Anonymous

Are people simply countering relativistic approaches when they decide to use profoundly condescending language to delegitimize the merits of another person's view? Is there



‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is the Fall’s Guilty TV Pleasure

By: Adam Pratt

Normally, if I had watched the first episode of a television show with as awful writing as the premiere episode of "Sleepy Hollow," I would



Football Craze

By: Anonymous

What makes football such an epic success in our country? I understand the traditional appeal, but I am curious about why it has evolved that

Life Observations


Limitations to Doubt

By: Anna Mackiewicz

People may share a perception that a lack of objective information exists. A culture that encourages individuals to challenge authority inevitably leads to a skeptical

Social Policy


Lowering Crime-Rate

By: Anonymous

So, there is all this talk about the government shutdown and how our representatives have failed us. I could agree, but I will approach the